• Emergency Responders Wanted

    Like 'First Aid' but for earth!

    Earth Aid Training is a short group course to help you respond to the climate & nature emergency.


    Learn the science.

    Understand what can be done.

    Make an action plan for your home, workplace & community.


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  • Feel overwhelmed but want to help?

    Learn with other concerned, motivated citizens about how we can best tackle earth's biggest problems and transition to a greener, healthier life.

    All life on earth is in trouble. The sixth extinction is a very real, human-made possibility. The evidence is everywhere. But what can we do in the face of such overwhelming challenges? First, we must understand the problems we face better. Then we must work out what we are best placed to do.


    We are now facing climate & biodiversity crises. This means that life support systems on earth are starting to breakdown. We need an emergency response.


    Many are already doing it: Activists, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, business & even some political leaders. And many of us are trying to do our bit. But in the midst of the COVID crisis, it feels hard to seriously consider something much more disruptive and dangerous.


    But we must. Not least because it will reduce the chances of future viruses being unleashed from depleted natural ecosystems.


    Earth Aid Training is a short group course to set you, your colleagues or your community up to respond to the biggest challenge of our times.

  • Earth Aid Training

    A short but intense, 4 x evening or 1 x day course (when we can be in person) to learn about the reality of our current environmental crises & what part you can play.


    Learn from experts about the history, causes & science of today's nature, climate & human crises.

    Discover how they can be solved and what you can do.

    Connect with other concerned earth citizens.
    Create a personal action plan of what you can do with your resources and skills for your home, workplace & community.


    Don't bury your head in the sand. This maybe the most important training you every do.

    Part One: NATURE

    1 million species under threat.

    How much pressure is the natural world, including us, under?

    How far has biodiversity declined, food chains collapsed?


    Are mass extinctions realistic in our lifetimes?

    What are the most successful conservation programmes, technologies and policies fighting back?

    Part Two: CLIMATE

    A decade from climate collapse.

    How close are we to a warming tipping point?

    How did we get here?


    Why are the kids the one's leading the way?

    Part Three: HUMANS

    A species in denial.

    Why are we not responding at scale to these crises that clearly threaten our food systems & once-abundant natural resources?

    What is going on with our political, economic & spiritual systems that prevents this?


    What can we learn from psychology about our collective apathy?

    Part Four: RESPONDERS

    A powerful, creative response to an emergency.

    What are the best solutions to these crises?

    Who is leading the way?

    How can we play a part in our homes, communities & careers?

    What's my plan? Who is going to help me?

  • Whose behind Earth Aiders?

    Hello, I'm Ben. Whether it's the shocking reports, becoming a Dad, travelling to other countries and cultures or simply just getting older, like many I'm increasingly concerned by our destruction of the natural world, and ourselves.

    Recent reports from the UN: '12 years to limit climate change catastrophe' (IPCC) & '1 million species (including humans) now threatened by extinction' (IPBES) to 'WWF: 'humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970', and scientists, 'climate change is actually causing a second 'mass dying' have become shockingly more regular and stark.


    From industrial pollution to the climate crisis, ocean acidification, and deforestation, the number and scale of environmental (and knock-on social) problems appears to be getting way out of control. Even for the most positive of mindsets, it's hard not to feel depressed by the state the natural world that we depend on, is in.

    We also know there are many incredible people, projects, campaigns, businesses and non-profits - both large and small - working on solving a huge number of these problems.


    But I think there is often a disconnect between the two, especially for those of us who don't necessarily work in 'the field' and find it hard to prioritise the time and energy into doing something about it.


    That's why I want to see if we can help each other easily strip some of our ignorance around environmental issues so we can be more informed and empowered to act. I'd also like to start investing more in projects - and together we can!

    Wouldn't it be awesome if we could get thousands of people to become 'earth aiders' - empowered with knowledge, ideas and connections to be emergency responders for earth? Join me.



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